Dish facing doom in Voom litigation, analysts say

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Summertime Content Blues - What I'm Watching (and how)

Every year I experience this sense of sadness as I watch all the finales come to a close and I'm left figuring out what to watch for the summer.  Perhaps this year it was mitigated by two important factors - we have a toddler at home and so have less TV time in general and well, this year there just wasn't as much good TV on in general.  

But here we are - its July and I'm looking at TV to fill the gaps.  Thanks to the changing landscape of video, the various OTT services make the process of filing those houts a little easier.  So here's a little snapshot at what we're watching:

Burn Notice

Burn Notice is one of the many USA shows that have experience moderate success of the past few years and for whatever reaon, I watch the first season (or most of it) then dropped it.  I think I just had too many other things I was watching and it simply didnt make the cut, but it has always been on my backup queue.  Fortunately most of all of it is available at this point on Netflix, so I started with Season 2 and have worked my way forward.  It's incredibly formulatic, but still enjoyable background noise, so I have put i on while doing paperwork or housework.  And because its on Netflix, I've been able to spread it acoss multiple devices allowing it to follow me everywhere. 


Both my wife and I watch this on HBO hen it aired originally and loed it.  This summer we took a 2 week roadtrip to Mount Rushmore and visited some friends and family along the way.  As part fo the trip we actually visited Deadwood and this renewed our interest in the show, so when we got home we decided to rewatch it.  Using the HBO GO app on the Xbox 360, we have powered through the first 12 episode Season in about 2 weeks. I'm not sure if this scratched our itch or if we'll continue on watch seasons two & three as well.

True Blood & Weeds

Not everything is actually being watch online - we happened to turn the Dish box on and were pleasantly surpirsed to see something had actually been recorded (a first in a few weeks).  Both TrueBlood and Weeds have restarted and the timers we had set for previous seasons kicked in to record them.  Now we could, of course watch True Blood through the HBO GO app as well (and actually did while we were traveling) but since Sunday is one of the few quiet TV nights we have, we tend to watch it pretty close to realtime.  

I've tried to cite how we watched each of thee above, but to recap our house is probably pretty unique in that we have several ways to watch each OTT service.  Our main TV has an Xbox 360, a Roku box, and a logitech Revue connected.  Our TV upstairs has a roku and an OTA antenna and then both my wife and I have collectively 2 iphones, and android phone, a kindle fire, and a gen 1 iPad. So we aren't hurting for ways to watch content.  Favorites have definitely been the xbox (fairly new to the house) and the roku.  I personally love the quality and speed of the xbox for using it, though my wife hasn't quite picked up the UI yet and still prefers the roku for its easy peasy UI. the iPad or Kindle are our bedroom TVs effectively and we use them to watch TV quietly while the other sleeps or while we're doing other things (I like to prop a phone or tablet up in the kitchen while I'm cooking for example.

While the amount of hardware options we have might be slightly above norm, i dont believe we're unique in anyway - this is how we (as a culture) watch TV now.  The process of finding stuff to watch used to be trolling the electronic guide (or a paper guide) hoping something was on and now its more about checking the various libraries we pay for access to to queue up things to watch at our own pace.

What and how are you watching TV this summer?




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